December 6

Dec 6, 2021

The first of today’s quests is for the Ardor geeks. But everyone can find all information needed.

If you followed the instructions from yesterday’s blog post and video, you now have the first clue you need to get Frenchie 5.

But you cannot claim a sleeping Frenchie, so the rest must be done today:

To release a transaction, that sends Frenchie 5 to an account everyone who has followed all episodes should know the passphrase to, open this pdf with the name of a famous Frenchie, who was the pet of a man named Robert.

The pdf contains a secret that can approve the transaction of Frenchie 5 (2:93514fdee125c2525047de95322a9f30a6100dd7781d4c90a1056d462e6edabe) to the before mentioned account. Grab the Frenchie first, and it’s yours.

Good luck.

How do you win Frenchie 6, the “Pride Frenchie”?

The video that premieres 15:30 today answers that question.