December 4

Dec 4, 2021

Welcome to and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today you have the opportunity to win a very special Frenchie. It’s Frenchie 4, “Punk Frenchie”.

The fourth Frenchie that TheWireMaster created, it can hardly be more unique. Or can it?

Yesterday you tweeted nice musical instruments to TheWireMaster and he chose which one he’d like to play.

We gave away Frenchie 3 and two NFT gift packs to the Mythical Beings game. Today, more bonus gifts will rain upon Thee!

We have prepared a faucet, that will initiate those new accounts you’ve created (announce their public keys to the network which adds an extra layer of security to Ardor accounts) and pay the fee for you – but ALSO, there are BOWL NFTs, and SIG assets that you will need later in the calendar game, 10 IGNIS to cover some transaction fees for you, and 50 testIGNIS too, that you can use to play around on the Ardor testnet and learn some. Remember, if you do so, to switch your SIGBRO app to “test network” in the app’ settings.

Where to find – and how to use – the faucet will be explained further in today’s webisode – available from 15:30 CET as usual – and of course, today’s Quest to win Frenchie 4 will also be announced. Be there – there’s will also be a funky V.I.P. appearance today.

I can say no more.

Good luck.