December 3

Dec 3, 2021

Welcome to and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today you have the opportunity to win a very special Frenchie. It’s Frenchie 3, “Fabric Frenchie”.

The third Frenchie that TheWireMaster created, it can hardly be more unique. Or can it?

Yesterday, you saw our Prize Account in’s account explorer, by entering the account alias “Xmas21” into it, and you found the URL that was a passphrase to the account Frenchie 2 was in. With this passphrase, anyone could log in and transfer Frenchie 2 to their own account. A trick we used a lot when we made the Nxter Puzzles.

Yes, it required a little knowledge of the Ardor blockchain to complete the mission first.

One could see the transfer of Frenchie 2 on Ardor’s NFT platform and grab the receiving address, or look up the Xmas21 account in another explorer and follow the NFT asset. It would show that the recipient address was ARDOR-9TC7-YMHH-GDBG-2P8CD.

One could try to log in to the Ardor NRS client with all the URLs as passphrases. Or paste passphrases ( URLs) quickly into and see which gave access to the right account. Paste the passphrase into a local NRS client or scan the passphrase QR code with the SIGBRO app and use SIGBRO with or to initiate the transaction out and approve it with SIGBRO.

Each Quest in this Christmas calendar is different and requires different skills of the participant. If you’re in Korea and have a hard time answering first because it’s hard to understand the videos, look forward to something else being required on other days. Stay tuned if you are artistic. If you like lotteries. Or if YOU want to judge who wins.

In this third episode, we say thank you to the Creator.

I can say no more.

Then there’s just the last part of the video left where it’s revealed how to get your little dirty paws on the Frenchie Three NFT. Good luck.

The QR code in video 3 that lets you send 99 IGNIS to the Mythical Beings smart contract (to get 3 Mythical Beings cards in return) is no longer valid, as Tarasca DAO has raised the price for 3 cards to 299 $IGNIS! The giftcards (GIFTZ tokens) that you can win as bonus prizes in the Xmas Giveaway Calendar still works the same. It only means that their value have gone up x3. Also, a bridge that can transfer Mythical Beings NFTs between the Ardor blockchain and OpenSea through Polygon is now available, for more information, see: If you want to buy Tarasca cards for 299 per pack with a SIGBRO QR code, here’s a new one for you.