December 2

Dec 2, 2021

Welcome to Frenchieland and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today you have the opportunity to win a very special Frenchie. It’s Frenchie two, “Sunny Frenchie”.

The second Frenchie that TheWireMaster created, it can hardly be more unique. Or can it?

Yesterday you got ready for The Quest by downloading and installing SIGBRO on your mobile phone, and following the Twitter accounts mentioned in yesterday’s calendar post and the calendar’s 1st webisode. And the 3rd person to send a private message to @sigbroapp on Twitter won a brown Frenchie!

In this second episode, you must get acquainted with

One thing is that you can log in to the wallet with your own account by scanning a QR code with your SIGBRO app, or log in directly from the app’s menu with your mobile phone, another thing is that you can log in and see the balances of any other Ardor account as well. You can enter the accountID, or you can, for example, log in to the Christmas calendar’s prize account by entering the alias “xmas21” and see which tokens we will give away during December, up to Christmas.

Today’s task requires you to do just that.

Then there’s just the last part of the video left where it’s revealed how to get your dirty little paws on the Frenchie two NFT. Good luck.