December 19

Dec 19, 2021

Welcome to Frenchieland and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today it’s Sunday, and the Frenchies are meditating in the only way they know.

But as always, there’s also a Quest! Invite a friend. You’ll see how, in the video below.

The Frenchie you can win today is Frenchie 19, the “Cubism Frenchie”!

The 19th Frenchie that TheWireMaster created, it can hardly be more unique. Or can it?

During the next days, the Frenchies will need your help. They cannot save Rudolph – and Christmas – without your help.

I advise everyone who has not yet claimed a BOWL from the faucet (see Episode 4) to do it now.

Also, it will be to your advantage if you monitor your own account by subscribing to SIGBRO email Alerts. You can do that from here.

Then there’s just the last part of the video left where it’s revealed how to get your dirty little paws on the Frenchie 19 NFT. Good luck.