December 15

Dec 15, 2021

Welcome to Frenchieland and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today you can win Frenchie 15, the “Skygolpe Frenchie”.

The fifteenth Frenchie that TheWireMaster created, it can hardly be more unique. Or can it?

Yesterday’s reward, Frenchie 14, the “Snoop Frenchie”, has not been claimed yet and the hunt for him is ongoing. He is in an Ardor account right now, to which you must find the passphrase. And someone (or … some thing?) joined him earlier today, the very special Grootslang card from the Mythical Beings NFT card collection. Grootslang is very hard to get, and for a reason: his owner earns dividends after each cycle of the NFT game (about twice a week) in the game currency $GEM. His price at this moment is 35.000 IGNIS on the Ardor blockchain, and he is also tradable on OpenSea.

But enough about monsters.

Now there’s just today’s video left where it’s revealed how you can get your dirty little paws on the Frenchie 15 NFT. Good luck.