December 1

Dec 1, 2021

Welcome to Frenchieland and SIGBRO’s Christmas calendar.

Today you have the opportunity to win a very special NFT: Frenchie one, “The brown frenchie”. 

It is the first Frenchie that thewiremaster ever created, so it can probably not be more unique. Or can it?

In this first episode, you’ll meet The FrenchieNFTs on a typical 1st December day and you will learn not only about them but also what you must have ready if you want to participate in our daily Christmas give-away and win different Ardor blockchain tokens and FrenchieNFTs by solving our puzzles and challenges. 

In short, you must:

1. Install the SIGBRO app

2. Log in with an Ardor account

3. Have a Twitter profile that follows:

And then there’s just that small part left of the video where it’s revealed HOW to get your dirty little paws on Frenchie one. Good luck.

Every day a new challenge/episode is released at 15:30 Central European Time.

The FrenchieNFTs live on the Ardor blockchain and can currently be traded for the cryptocurrencies IGNIS and BITS, either on this site, on, or directly in the Ardor core developers’ reference client’s decentralized Asset Exchange (NRS), where they also trade for GPS tokens.